Volume VI

Quill & Scope, Volume VI is dedicated to those who donated their bodies to the New York Medical College Gross Anatomy Program. Your generous gifts have inspired many, and will endure as the ultimate lesson on "where the heart lies".

Note to our readers: Quill & Scope is transitioning to a Fall publication schedule. We apologize for any confusion in the chronology of Quill & Scope, Volume V (Winter 2013) and Quill & Scope, Volume VI (Fall 2013).



Behind the Man in the Suit: Interview with the Chancellor
Julia Cooperman, Bailey Fitzgerald, Eric Routen, and Joanne Liu


Interview with Drs. de la Garza and Lento
Molly Deacutis, David Gedeon, Ryan Lippell, and Victoria Mock



Convocation of Thanks
Nina Beizer, Julia Cooperman, Ali-Reza Force, Matthew Garofalo, Andrew Silapaswan, and Oded Tal


Cancer Immunotherapy Comes of Age
Michael Karsy and Bryant England


Poetry and Creative Writing


Kanthi Dhaduvai


Selected Poems
Jason Fishel


Against Hasty Rotations
Allison Maidman


Surgery (It’s All About)
Jordan Teitelbaum

Editors in Chief

  • Molly Deacutis
  • David Gedeon
  • Ryan Lippell
  • Victoria Mock

Managing Editors

  • Julia Cooperman
  • Bailey Fitzgerald
  • Eric Routen

Art Director

  • Joanne Liu

Executive Faculty Advisor

  • Gladys M. Ayala, MD, MPH

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  • Francis Belloni, PhD
  • Christopher Cimino, MD
  • Montgomery Douglas, MD
  • Jan Geliebter
  • Kenneth Lerea, PhD
  • Stephen Moshman, MD
  • Padmini Murthy, MD
  • Elliott Perla, MD
  • Susan Rachlin, MD
  • Sansar Sharma, PhD
  • Sean Kivlehan, MD, MPH
  • Linda DeMello
  • Navid Shams
  • Amin Esfahani
  • Michael Rahimi
  • Molly Deacutis
  • David Gedeon
  • Ryan Lippell
  • Victoria Mock

Staff Editors

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  • Maximillian Blanter
  • Matthew Garofalo
  • Erica Jacovetty
  • Maximilian Klein
  • Meghan Kiley
  • David Shottland
  • Parvati Singh
  • Jane Song

Art Editors

  • Zan Naseer
  • Oded Tal
  • Grace Yau


  • David Shottland