Volume IV

About The Cover

The School of Medicine--the first school establised by New York Medical College--owes its founding in 1860 to the vision of a group of civic leaders in New York City who believed that medicine should be practiced with greater sensitivity to patients. The cover represents the growth that has been achieved since 1860. It's a sketch of the Tree of Hippocrates whose roots have a long standing history with New York Medical College. The pictures, representing the leaves of the tree, are of students and faculty currently at New York Medical College.




Scope of the Scope
Benjamin Cox


Broken System
Holly Foote


Writing in Afghanistan
Ali-Reza Force


A Polish Grandmother
Andrei Kreutzberg


Five Years and Counting
Mary B. O'Donnell



Challenges in Stem Cell Therapy: Bench-To-Bedside
Varunkumar G. Pandey and Michael Karsy

Research Article

Poetry and Creative Writing


Sapphire Blew
Charisse Chin


An Uninvited Visitor
Marissa Friedman


Matters of the Heart
Marissa Friedman


Mostly White Coat
Yaakov Liss


Two Diamantes
Jordan Teitelbaum


Tried & Fried
Jordan Teitelbaum

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