Submissions from 2021

Reduction of Unwarranted Variation in PT Education, Jill S. Horbacewicz (Presentation)

Can You Make Your Grad School Application Stand Out, Rivka Molinsky (Presentation)

Development of the Roy Adaptation Modes Scale (RAMS), Sandra A. Russo (Presentation)

Sexual History Taking Pro Tips: Who, What, and How!, Danielle Varney (Presentation)

Submissions from 2020


The Association Between Anemia of Chronic Inflammation and Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias, Alexander Andreev, Burak Erdinc, Kiran Shivaraj, Julia Schmutz, Olga Levochkina, Dhrity Bhowmik, Fady Farag, Kelli M Money, Louis H. Primavera, Vladimir Gotlieb, and Sonu Sahni (Article)

Poetry Therapy in T-Group, Kimberly Asner-Self (Presentation)


What Physicians Wished They Would Have Learned in Medical School: a Survey, Judith Binstock, Maria A. Pino, and Louis H. Primavera (Article)

Formal Online Stroke Education Program Effects on OTs' Competence and Confidence in Clinical Practice, Michelle Buccinna (Poster)


Formal Stroke Education Program Effects on OTs’ Competence & Confidence, Michelle Buccinna (Article)

Update on NYS OTPAC, Beth Chiariello (Presentation)


The Transition From Expert Clinician to Novice Academician: The First Three Years, Beth Chiariello, Sharon Shaulov, Kaela Chambers, and Akiva Ratner (Article)

Virtual Health Promotion Fieldwork Experiences with Assisted Living Facilities: Keeping Adults Connected During COVID-19, Tara Collins and Michelle Buccinna (Presentation)

Engaging Clinicians as Primary Investigators in an Academic Program: A Model for Increasing Scholarship in Occupational Therapy Practice, Stephanie J. Dapice Wong and Meira Orentlicher (Presentation)


Mindfulness in Sport Contexts, Frank L. Gardner, Zella E. Moore, Gershon Tenenbaum, and Robert C. Eklund (Book Chapter)


Clarifying the Mindfulness Muddle: A Response to Wilson and Gearity’s Book Review of Three Popular Mindfulness Interventions, Carol R. Glass, Timothy R. Pineau, Keith A. Kaufman, Frank L. Gardner, Zella E. Moore, and Amy Baltzell (Article)

The Lived Experience of Exemplary Physical Therapist Students in Clinical Education: A Phenomenological Study, Laura Hagan (Poster)

How First Clinical Experiences Influence Physical Therapy Beliefs Regarding Blood Pressure Assessment, Laura Hagan, Ted L. Marks, Reema Thakkar, and Ofra A. Pottorf (Presentation)


The impact of low-cost, optimal-fidelity simulation on physical therapy students’ clinical performance and self-efficacy: a pilot study, Laura Hagan, Shira Schecter Weiner, and Zohn Rosen (Article)


Exploring Preparedness for Competency in the Role of Clinical Fieldwork Educator, Pamela Karp, Kelly Lavin, and Tara Collins (Article)


Development and Implementation of a Viable Level II Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Program in a Juvenile Justice Setting, Virginia E. Koenig (Article)


Commentary on JOS Editorial Board’s Anti-Racism Pledge, Frank Kronenberg (Article)

Colorism in the Workplace: Intergroup and Intragroup Discrimination, Caitlin Lapine and Aditi Rabindra Sachdev (Presentation)


Subcortical Involvement in Formulaic Language: Studies on Bilingual Individuals With Parkinson's Disease, Binna Lee and Diana Van Lancker Sidtis (Article)

Comorbidities Impact Functional Mobility after Amputation: What’s a PT to Do?, Daniel Joseph Lee (Presentation)

Innovations in Limb Loss Restoration & Rehabilitation, Daniel Joseph Lee (Presentation)

Keeping the core strong during COVID, Daniel Joseph Lee (Presentation)

Self-management assessment for the residuum and prosthesis (S.M.A.R.T.)., Daniel Joseph Lee (Presentation)


Are workflow interruptions a hindrance stressor? The moderating effect of time-management skill, Jie (Yonas) Ma, Amy M. Kerulis, Yanxia Wang, and Aditi Rabindra Sachdev (Article)


Physical Therapy Student Reports of Blood Pressure Guidelines Learned in the Classroom, and Observed and Practiced in Clinical Experiences, Ted Marks, Sarah Leah Berg, Batsheva Granek, Peter Rybakov, Irina Taranenko, Dana Yee, and Ralph K. Garcia (Article)

Effective Transition of a Learning Management System (LMS) as a Platform for Teaching and Learning, Rivka Molinsky (Presentation)

Best-practice, Student-Centered Transition Services for Occupational and Physical Therapists, Meira Orentlicher (Presentation)

Personal and policy considerations for planning and implementing self-directed supports and disability benefits: Results from action research, Meira Orentlicher (Presentation)


Spontaneous Pneumothorax as a Complication of COVID-19 Pneumonia: A Case Report, Leland Perice, Zhanna Roit, Ingrid Llovera, and Mary G. Flanagan-Kundle (Article)

Reliability and criterion validity of forearm range of motion using a smartphone application, Ofra A. Pottorf and Daniel Joseph Lee (Poster)

The Impact of Patient Simulation on Developing Professional Behavior Skills during a Clinical Education Experience, Ofra A. Pottorf and Daniel Joseph Lee (Poster)

International stuttering awareness day, Isabella K. Reichel (Presentation)

Stuttering and Cluttering, Isabella K. Reichel (Presentation)


Nurturing the Prepared Mind: Research During Level II Fieldwork, Tera A. Richards, Sara Clark, Stephanie J. Dapice Wong, Helen S. Cohen, and Susan L. Garber (Article)


Balancing empathy: Can professors have too much?, Aditi Rabindra Sachdev, Caitlin M. Lapine, and Anmol Sachdeva (Article)

Conversations that Matter: Equal Pay for Equal Work: The Barriers Limiting School-Based Practitioners from Advancement and our Mission to Knock Them Down, Jaime Spencer and Serena S. Zeidler (Presentation)


Organization of Work Factors Associated with Work Ability among Aging Nurses, Amy Witkoski Stimpfel, Milla Arabadjian, Eva Liang, Ali Sheikhzadeh, Shira Schecter Weiner, and Victoria Vaughan Dickson (Article)

Self-Care: Unique Issues when Counselors need Counseling, Tanupreet Suri (Presentation)

Investigating Current Trends in Prosthetic Prescription, Robert Troiano and Frances Corio (Poster)

Interprofessional investigation of muscle activity and musculoskeletal symptoms among student tablet users: A pilot study., Shira Schecter Weiner (Article)

Influence of Experience, Stress and Screen Angle on Muscle Activity and Musculoskeletal Symptoms Among Student Tablet Users, Shira Schecter Weiner, Ralph K. Garcia, and Rivka Molinsky (Article)

A Pilot Study Exploring the Impact of Interprofessional Simulation on Role Clarity and Student Readiness for Collaborative Clinical Practice, Shira Schecter Weiner, Laura Hagan, and Julie F. Kardachi (Article)

Keynote: Using AOTA’s Vision 2025 to Overcome Barriers & Create Pathways for Leadership in School-Based Practice., Serena S. Zeidler and Jaime Spencer (Presentation)

Submissions from 2019


Perception of Breast Cancer Risk in Over 11,000 Patients During Routine Mammography Exam, Baruch Abittan, Sarah Pachtman, Sarah Herman, Joseph Indelicato, and Jonathan Herman (Article)

The Effect of Isolated Attention Training on Motor and Cognitive Performance, Yocheved Bensinger-Brody, Shifra K. Leiser, Pat J. Precin, Y. Borenstein, S. Halpern, F. Isola, D. Silberstein, F. Youssef, and S. Weinstein (Presentation)

Graduate Level Class Presentations in Speech-Language Pathology Programs: Rethinking the Model, Steven Blaustein and Hindy D. Lubinsky (Poster)

Focus on Contemporary Tools and Resources for Speech-Language Pathologists, Steven Blaustein, Rosalie Unterman, France Weill, and Isabella K. Reichel (Presentation)


Fall Prevention: What You Can Do to Help Patients, Celeste Carlucci and Julie Kardachi (Article)

Transgender Inclusion in Online Job Application Forms at Forbes 450 Largest Companies, Benjamin Elman, Mariia Avital Shimonov, Hinda Halon, Sara Bahri, and Aryeh Alex Kupchik (Article)


Proximal Interphalangeal Joint Flexion Contracture Treatment by Serial Casting Method and the Use of Thermoplastic Tape, M. Farzad, M. Arazpour, E. Shafiee, F. Layeghi, and Deborah A. Schwartz (Article)


Psychological assessment in sport psychology, Frank L. Gardner, M. H. Anshel, T. A. Petrie, and J. A. Steinfeldt (Book Chapter)


Mindfulness in sport: Neuroscience and practical applications, Frank L. Gardner, Z. E. Moore, M. H. Anshel, T. A. Petrie, and J. A. Steinfeldt (Book Chapter)


2018 AHA/ACC/AACVPR/AAPA/ABC/ACPM/ADA/AGS/APhA/ASPC/NLA/PCNA Guideline on the Management of Blood Cholesterol: A Report of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on Clinical Practice Guidelines, Scott M. Grundy, Neil J. Stone, Alison L. Bailey, Craig Beam, Kim K. Birtcher, Roger S. Blumenthal, Lynne T. Braun, Sarah de Ferranti, Joseph Faiella-Tommasino, Daniel E. Forman, Ronald Goldberg, Paul A. Heidenreich, Mark A. Hlatky, Daniel W. Jones, Donald Lloyd-Jones, Nuria Lopez-Pajares, Chiadi E. Ndumele, Carl E. Orringer, Carmen A. Peralta, and Joseph J. Saseen (Article)

The Lived Experience of Exemplary Physical Therapist Students in Clinical Education: A Phenomenological Study, Laura Hagan (Dissertation)

The Lived Experience of African American First-Time Breastfeeding Mothers at a Baby Friendly Hospital, Catherine A. Hagerty (Dissertation)


Commentary on "Functional Task Training Combined With Electrical Stimulation Improves Motor Capacity in Children With Unilateral Cerebral Palsy: A Single-Subject Design", Susan Hastings and Yocheved Bensinger-Brody (Article)

Collaborative Care: Frequency of Interactions, Knowledge of Roles and Responsibilities, and Effect of Practice Setting, Jill S. Horbacewicz (Presentation)

Personal Values of Physical Therapy Students, Jill S. Horbacewicz (Presentation)


The expat entrepreneur: Entrepreneurial ventures and wellbeing of women as `Trailing spouses', Amy M. Kerulis, Leanne M. Tortez, Maura J. Mills, Maria-Teresa Lepeley, Katherina Kuschel, Nicholas Beutell, Nicky Pouw, and Emiel L. Eijdenberg (Book Chapter)


Effects of Alternating Dissection with Peer Teaching and Faculty Prosected Cadaver Demonstrations in a Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Gross Anatomy Course, Stacy A. Kinirons, Vanessa M. Reddin, and Jeanann Maguffin (Article)

Health Literacy Universal Precautions in OT Practice, Virginia Koenig (Presentation)

Discover the Superhero in You: Become a Clinical Fieldwork Supervisor, Virginia Koenig and Tara Collins (Article)

Developing a sustainable level II occupational therapy fieldwork program in a juvenile detention center, Virginia E. Koenig (Article)

Health Literacy: A Universal Call to Action, Virginia E. Koenig (Article)


A response to the commentary entitled, “Clarifications on the NPTE revisions and role in licensing: Comment on Kume, Reddin, & Horbacewicz (2018)”, June Kume, Vanessa M. Reddin, and Jill Horbacewicz (Article)


Application of the Evidence-Based Practice Model by Physical Therapy Clinical Practitioners, June Kume, Rujuta Tandel, and Joseph Indelicato (Article)

Learning through Experience: How to Provide your Students with Hands-On Networking Experience while Creating a Better Classroom, Caitlin Lapine (Presentation)


Juggling in heels: The struggle of female professors to balance civility and free speech without suffering from negative student evaluations, Caitlin M. Lapine and Aditi Rabindra Sachdev (Article)

The Art of Self-Management for Persons with Lower Limb Loss, Daniel Joseph Lee (Presentation)


Self-Management Problem-Solving Tools for Lower-Limb Prosthesis Wearers: Mobile App Usability and Acceptability Study, Daniel J. Lee, Diana A. Veneri, and Adam D. Goodworth (Article)

Cultural humility: An Approach to Enhancing Therapeutic Rapport and Outcomes with Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Clientele, Shifra K. Leiser (Presentation)

The Effect of Different Sitting Positions and Posture on Incentive Spirometer Performance in Healthy, Sedentary Adults, Ted L. Marks and Ralph K. Garcia (Article)


Attitudes About Cognitive Screening: A Survey of Home Care Physical Therapists, Jean D. Miles, William H. Staples, and Daniel J. Lee (Article)

Closing the Gap: The Role of OT in Providing Healthcare in the Context of Diversity, Rivka Molinsky and Shifra K. Leiser (Presentation)

Family, Youth, and Community Engagement, Meira Orentlicher (Presentation)

Supporting the Transition of Students with Autism from School to Adult Life In The Community, Meira Orentlicher (Presentation)

The Experience of Direct Care Providers Who Support Young Adults with Disabilities During the Transition from School to Adult Life in the Community, Meira Orentlicher (Presentation)

Best Practices in Transition Planning for Independent Living and Workplace Readiness, Meira Orentlicher, G. Frolek Clark, J. E. Rioux, and B. E. Chandler (Book Chapter)

The Experiences and Perceptions of Collaboration Between Occupational Therapists and Other School Professionals, Meira Orentlicher and Diana B. Lashinsky (Presentation)


The Experience of Direct-Care Providers Who Support Young Adults With Disabilities During the Transition From School To Adult Life in the Community, Meira L. Orentlicher, Rena Fazilov, Nicole Taubman, and Talya Weinstock (Article)


The Experiences and Perceptions of Collaboration Between OTs and Other School Professionals, Meira L. Orentlicher, Diana Lashinsky, Sarah Bergstein Teixeira, and Amy Mograby (Article)

Advocacy in Action: Facilitating Professional & Political Advocacy within an OT Program, Rena Purohit, Beth Chiariello, and Michelle Buccinna (Presentation)

Student Perceptions of Academics, Stress, and Support within an OT Program, Rena Purohit and Meira Orentlicher (Presentation)


Introduction to the Forum on Cluttering: Rays of Hope Shine Around the World, Isabella K. Reichel (Article)


A Decade of Collaboration Among International Representatives of the International Cluttering Association, Isabella K. Reichel, Grace Ademola-Sakoya, Véronique Aumont Boucand, Judit Bona, Jaqueline Carmona, Marjan Cosyns, Yulia Filatova, Maisa Haj-Tas, Pallavi Kelkar, Reina Remman, Shoko Miyamoto, Sertan Ozdemir, Maya Sanghi, Alexandra Schnell, Beatriz Biain de Touzet, and Shu-Lan Yang (Article)


Development and Psychometric Analysis of the Roy Adaptation Modes Scale (RAMS) to Measure Coping and Adaptation, Sandra Russo (Dissertation)


A Comparison of Two Case Studies Using the Roy Adaptation Model: Parents of Opioid-Dependent Adults and Bariatric Surgery, Sandra A. Russo (Article)


Living as a Dying Child: A Gadamerian Analysis of the Poetry of Mattie JT Stepanek, Corinne A. Settecase-Wu (Dissertation)


The Crossroads of Aging An Intersection of Malnutrition, Frailty, and Sarcopenia, Richard Severin, Patrick M. Berner, Kenneth L. Miller, and Jacob Mey (Article)

“Conversations that Matter: Equal Rights for School-Based Practitioners, Jaime Spencer and Serena S. Zeidler (Presentation)


Success in changing stuttering attitudes: A retrospective analysis of 29 intervention studies, Kenneth O. St. Louis, Katarzyna Węsierska, Aneta Przepiórka, Agata Błachnio, Chelsea Beucher (Kuhn), Fauzia Abdalla, Timothy Flynn, Isabella K. Reichel, Ann Beste-Guldborg, Lejla Junuzović-Žunić, Sheryl Gottwald, Jessica Hartley, Sarah Eisert, Kia N. Johnson, Benjamin Bolton, Mohyeddin Teimouri Sangani, Hossein Rezai, Salman Abdi, M. Pushpavathi, and Daniel Hudock (Article)

A Crash course in Using Technology to Maximize Your Brand, Marian Stoltz-Loike (Presentation)

Investigation of Prosthetic Curricular Content within Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs across the United States, Robert Troiano and Frances Corio (Presentation)

Simulated or Actual Assessments in Graduate Level Speech-Language Pathology: One, the Other or Both?, Rosalie Unterman and Sarah Shain (Poster)


Clinical Success Using the Audio-Visual Feedback Training for Cluttering, Yvonne van Zaalen and Isabella K. Reichel (Article)

Listeners’ Perceptions of Voice Changes in Transgender Speakers Post Voice Therapy, Irina Vaynshteyn (Poster)