Submissions from 2018

Conversations That Matter: Overcoming Barriers to Forge Leadership Pathways for School-Based Practitioners, Serena S. Zeidler (Presentation)

Common Visual Skills Challenges in School-Based Practice: Using a Multisensory Approach for Screening and Intervention, Serena S. Zeidler and Susan Fisher (Poster)

Equal Rights and Opportunities for All School-Based Practitioners, Serena S. Zeidler and J. Spencer (Presentation)

Submissions from 2017


Provider Perceptions of the Assessment and Rehabilitation of Sexual Functioning After Traumatic Brain Injury, Juan Carlos Arango-Lasprilla, Laiene Olabarrieta-Landa, Melissa M. Ertl, Lillian Flores Stevens, Alejandra Morlett-Paredes, Nada Andelic, and Nathan D. Zasler (Article)

The Effects of Conducting a Supervised Research Study on Students’ Interests in Pursuing a Ph.D., Batsheva Beckerman, Ephrat Alon, Blima Berger, Nili Forgy, Sara Fishman, Hindy D. Lubinsky, and Irina Vaynshteyn (Poster)


Poetry, Paintings, and a Short Story: Humanities Foster Success in Developing Clinical Reasoning Skills, Josette Brodhead and Patricia Burke (Conference Proceeding)

Social Media and Occupational Therapy Education, Tara Casimano (Poster)

Engaging Students in Faculty Research Agenda, Tara Casimano and Meira Orentlicher (Presentation)

From Expert Clinician to Academician: The First Three Years, Beth Chiariello (Poster)

Speech-Language Pathologist’s Perception of the Effectiveness of iTherapy in Intervention With School-Aged Children & Adults, Shula Cohen, Iva Mittelman, Alana Pines, Ayelet Prero, Joanna Zou, Irina Vaynshteyn, and Rachelle Kirshenbaum (Poster)

Occupational Therapy’s Role in Bullying Prevention Programs, Tara Collins (Poster)

A Health Literacy Workshop for Occupational Therapists Incorporating Elements of the Universal Precautions Toolkit, Virginia Koenig Crippen (Poster)

The Effects of a Fall Prevention and Exercise Occupational Therapy Intervention for People with Huntington’s Disease and Their Caregivers: Phase 1, Diana Daus (Poster)

FAQs About Practice in Early Intervention, Dottie Handley-More, E. W. Schneider, Jan Hollenbeck, and Meira L. Orentlicher (Article)

FAQs About Practice in the Schools, Dottie Handley-More, E. W. Schneider, Jan Hollenbeck, and Meira L. Orentlicher (Article)

Perception of Sarcasm in English Monolingual Speakers in the Presence & Absence of Social Context, Samantha Hom, Diana Willner, Mara Plotzker, Jodi Sabella, Shir Yaakov, Seung-Yun Yang, and Irina Vaynshteyn (Poster)

Occupational Therapy for All: Addressing the Needs of Diverse People and Communities Across the Lifespan, Beverly P. Horowitz, Pei-Fen Chang, Alexander Lopez, and Cristina Reyes Smith (Presentation)

Fieldwork Education: Motivators and Barriers, Pamela Karp and Tara Collins (Poster)

Exploring Tools That Support Fieldwork Education, Kelly Lavin, Pamela Karp, and Tara Collins (Presentation)

Link A Versatile Crowdsourcing Data Acquisition Platform for the Behavioral Sciences, Leib Litman, Jonathan Robinson, and Tzvi Abberbock (Article)

An Analysis of Motivating Factors for Students Pursuing Graduate Degrees in Speech-Language Pathology, Hindy D. Lubinsky and Steven Blaustein (Poster)


The Effect of Body Position on Incentive Spirometry Values in Healthy Subjects, Ted L. Marks, Chava Berger, Joseph Calamonici, David Gindi, Shimon Nefas-Kalimi, Amarinder Parmar, and Ralph K. Garcia (Abstract)


Examining the Underutilization of Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation in Physical Therapy, Ted L. Marks, Alice Henry, Thomas Protopapas, Elin Quan, and Ralph K. Garcia (Abstract)

Facilitating Leadership and Advancement Through the Postprofessional OTD Capstone Experience, Ellen McLaughlin, Lori Charney, Dawn Evans, and Shifra K. Leiser (Poster)

Behavioral Risk Factors Associated with Diabetes in the Orthodox Jewish Community, Rivka Molinsky (Poster)

Diversity in Leadership Among the Multicultural Diversity and Inclusion Network, Rivka Molinsky (Poster)

Student Satisfaction and Outcomes of the Touro College iPad Program, Rivka Molinsky (Presentation)

(AOTA) (SIS) EDSIS Faculty Subsection Annual Program: Universal Design for Learning Techniques and Tips for Occupational Therapy Education, Rivka Molinsky, Kimberly S. Mollo, Sandra Hanebrick, and Patti Ralabate (Presentation)

Play in Aquatic Therapy, Rivka Molinsky and Tzvi Schwartz (Poster)

What Happens Next? Understanding the Transition from School to Adult Life from the Perspective of Young Adults with Disabilities and Their Families, Meira Orentlicher, Leanna L. Benenati, William A. DeGeorge, Margarita Yakubov-Nisanova, Marian Frattarola-Saulino, Kathy Perry, and Nick Pentzell (Presentation)

School to Work Transition, Meira L. Orentlicher (Presentation)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): What is Occupational Therapy’s Role in Transition Services and Planning?, Meira L. Orentlicher, Donna Case, Mara C. Podvey, Christine D. Myers, Linda Q. Rudd, and Judith Schoonover (Article)

Supporting Transitions from Early Childhood Through High School, Meira L. Orentlicher, Christine Myers, and Debbie Schwind (Presentation)

Mental Health Promotion, Prevention, and Intervention in Occupational Therapy Practice, Meira Orentlicher and Pat J. Precin (Article)


Teaching and Learning in Physical Therapy: From Classroom to Clinic, Second Edition, Margaret M. Plack and Maryanne Driscoll (Book)

Application of a Time Perspective Model and Assessment to Health Care, Pat J. Precin (Poster)

A Psychosocial Fieldwork Model Using Interprofessionalism, Collaboration, and Research, Pat J. Precin (Poster)

Effectiveness of the Living Skills Recovery Curriculum on Dual-Diagnosis Clients, Pat J. Precin (Poster)


Efficacy of a Stress Management Module in Managing Stress and Clean Time in Dual Diagnosis (Mental Illness and Substance Misuse) Clients, Pat J. Precin (Book Chapter)

Expert Witness: An Occupational Therapy Psychosocial Evaluation, Pat J. Precin (Poster)

Introduction and Application of a Time Perspective Model and Assessment to Occupational Therapy, Pat J. Precin (Poster)


Past Negative Time Perspective as a Predictor of Grade Point Average in Occupational Therapy Doctoral Students, Pat J. Precin (Article)

Relationship Between Time Perspective and Occupational Therapy Level II Fieldwork Performance, Pat J. Precin (Poster)

The Role of Future Time Perspective in the Prediction of Volunteerism in Retired Elderly, Pat J. Precin (Poster)

Time Perspective and Academic Achievement in Occupational Therapy, Pat J. Precin (Poster)

Time Perspective Flexibility as a Predictor of OT Level II Fieldwork Outcomes, Pat J. Precin (Poster)

Welfare-to-Work Programs: Expectations, Challenges, and Solutions, Pat J. Precin (Poster)

Occupational Therapy Practitioners’ Role in Maintaining and Improving Long-Term Benefits of Bariatric Surgery, Pat J. Precin, Hsiu-Man Chiu, Ya-Chen Lee, Cheng-Te Chen, Chien-Ho Lin, and Yu-Ching Lin (Poster)

The Use of Visual Imagery in Asperger’s Syndrome, Pat J. Precin, Michele Floria, Simi Thomas, January Magno, Diana Chang, and Charles Jean-Paul (Poster)


The Use of Visual Imagery in Asperger Syndrome, Pat J. Precin, Michele Floria, Simi Thomas, January Magno, Diana Chang, and Charles Jean-Paul (Abstract)

Cognitive Impairments and Intervention in Dual-Diagnosis Clients, Pat J. Precin and Teri Harrison (Poster)

Occupational Therapy Intervention in Response to Terrorism, Pat J. Precin and Wanda Kolipinski (Poster)

(ADED) Driving With Parkinson’s Disorder, Pat J. Precin, Bibi Mathew, and Tara Hughes (Poster)

Foster Care Assessment and Intervention, Pat J. Precin, Jennifer Timque, and Alison Walsh (Poster)

Occupational Therapy Student Perceptions of Academic Preparation for Fieldwork, Rena Purohit, Chaya Hoch, Rebecca Katz, Rachel Kohn, and Baila Mann (Poster)

Historic Highlights and Recent Advances in Understanding of Cluttering, Isabella K. Reichel and Juris G. Draguns (Book Chapter)

Nurturing the Prepared Mind: An Exploratory Study on Research During Level II Fieldwork, Tera Richards, Sara Clark, Susan L. Garber, Helen S. Cohen, and Stephanie J. D. Wong (Poster)

Ten Reasons Every OT Practitioner Should Go to #AOTA17, Jaime Spencer (Article)

Mowa Bezładna [Speechless], Zbigniew Tarkowski, Jolanta Góral-Półrola, and Isabella K. Reichel (Book Chapter)

Inventing the Wheel? Ideas on the Web, Rosalie N. Unterman (Poster)


Prevalence of Cluttering in Two European Countries: A Pilot Study, Yvonne Van Zaalen and Isabella K. Reichel (Article)

Is Technology Only a Vehicle?, Christopher H. Voltmer (Article)


Listeners' Identification and Evaluation of Korean Idiomatic Utterances produced by Persons with Left- or Right-Hemisphere Damage, Seung-Yun Yang, Diana Van Lanker Sidtis, and Seung Nam Yang (Article)

Practical Strategies for Improving Common Visual Skills Challenges in School-Based Practice, Serena S. Zeidler (Poster)

Submissions from 2016


Potential Roles of Magnesium Deficiency in Inflammation and Atherogenesis: Importance and Cross-Talk of Platelet-Activating Factor and Ceramide, Burton M. Altura, Asefa Gebrewold, Nilank C. Shah, Gatha J. Shah, and Bella T. Altura (Article)


Sudden Cardiac Death in Infants, Children and Young Adults: Possible Roles of Dietary Magnesium Intake and Generation of Platelet-Activating Factor in Coronary Arteries, Burton M. Altura, Wenyan Li, Aimin Zhang, Tao Zheng, Nilank C. Shah, Gatha J. Shah, and Bella T. Altura (Article)


The Expression of Platelet-Activating Factor Is Induced by Low Extracellular Mg2+ in Aortic, Cerebral and Neonatal Coronary Vascular Smooth Muscle; Cross Talk with Ceramide Production, NF–kB and Proto-Oncogenes: Possible Links to Atherogenesis and Sudden Cardiac Death in Children and Infants, and Aging: Hypothesis, Review and Viewpoint, Burton M. Altura, Wenyan Li, Aimin Zhang, Tao Zheng, Nilank C. Shah, Gatha J. Shah, and Bella T. Altura (Article)


Genotoxic Effects of Magnesium Deficiency in the Cardiovascular System and their Relationships to Cardiovascular Diseases and Atherogenesis, Burton M. Altura, Nilank C. Shah, Gatha J. Shah, and Bella T. Altura (Article)


Insights into the Possible Mechanisms by Which Platelet-Activating Factor and PAF-receptors Function in Vascular Smooth Muscle in Magnesium Deficiency and Vascular Remodeling: Possible Links to Atherogenesis, Hypertension and Cardiac Failure, Burton M. Altura, Nilank C. Shah, Gatha J. Shah, Jose Luis Perez-Albela, and Bella T. Altura (Editorial)


Magnesium Deficiency Results in Oxidation and Fragmentation of DNA, Down Regulation of Telomerase Activity, and Ceramide Release in Cardiovascular Tissues and Cells: Potential Relationship to Atherogenesis, Cardiovascular Diseases and Aging, Burton M. Altura, Nilank C. Shah, Gatha J. Shah, Jose Luis Perez-Albela, and Bella T. Altura (Editorial)


A Framework for Improving Chronic Critical Illness Care: Adapting the Medical Home’s Central Tenets, Nathan A. Boucher, Suzanne White, and David Keith (Article)


Multiple Sclerosis, EDSS and Walking: Computerized Objective Gait Analysis of the Impact of a 6-minute Timed Walk on Selected Gait Characteristics in People with Multiple Sclerosis - Putting Long Legs on a Walking Scale, Christina Burke, Mark Gudesblatt, Karl Wissemann, Myassar Zarif, Barbara Bumstead, Lori Fafard, and John Magel (Poster)


The Efficacy of Combined Therapeutic Protocol of Large-Amplitude Movement, Exercise, and Balance Training on Patients with Parkinson's Disease, Christina Burke, Stacy Trebing, Joseph S. Gambino, Michael Kim, Phillip Steinkraus, Matthew Therrien, and June Kume (Poster)


Stability of Metabolic Factor Before and After Bariatric Surgery, Brandon Davis and Joseph Indelicato (Article)


The Use of Sound Level Meter Apps in the Clinical Setting, Gaetano Fava, Gisele Oliveira, Melody Baglione, Michael Pimpinella, and Jaclyn B. Spitzer (Article)


Early Intervention and School Special Interest Section FAQs, Dottie Handley-More, Elizabeth Wall, Jan Hollenbeck, and Meira Orentlicher (Article)


Take the Stigma Out of Obesity, Joseph Indelicato (Article)


The Interplay Between Eating and Sleeping Behavior in Adolescence: Normative and Disordered Trajectories, Yael Latzer, Sarah L. Weinberger-Litman, Leib Litman, and Orna Tzicshinsky (Book Chapter)


Protein Turnover During In Vitro Tissue Engineering, Qiyao Li, Zhen Chang, Gisele Oliveira, Maiyer Xiong, Lloyd M. Smith, Brian L. Frey, and Nathan V. Welham (Article)


Apple’s Financial Growth and Corporate Social Responsibility in E-Mental Health Ventures, Yair Maman, Jeffrey Gardere, and Dan Sharir (Article)

Interprofessional Implementation of an Academic Electronic Health Record (AEHR), Rivka Molinsky, Patricia Burke, Laura Hagan, France Weill, Dan Sharir, and Stephanie J. Dapice Wong (Poster)


Validation of the Brazilian version of the Voice Disability Coping Questionnaire, Gisele Oliveira, Shashivadan P. Hirani, Ruth Epstein, Latife Yazigi, and Mara Behlau (Article)

Issues in Psychoanalysis: Cyberanalysis, fMRI, Psychopharmacology, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Case Publication, Pat J. Precin (Book)

Structural Arrangement of Myosin: Evidence for Cross-Bridge Arrangement in Vertebrate Striated Muscle, Pat J. Precin (Book)


The Interactive Role of Emotional Intelligence, Attachment Style, and Resilience in the Prediction of Time Perception in Doctoral Students, Pat J. Precin (Article)

Making Marriage Work: Avoiding the Pitfalls and Achieving Success, Louis H. Primavera and Rob Pascale (Book)


Direct Coupling of Amides and Urea to Glycosyl Halides using Silver Triflate, Luz M. Rosado, Terence J. Meyerhoefer, Saqib M. Bett, Saba Ilyas, Lubabalo Bululu, Carla A. Martin, and Troy W. Joseph (Article)


Psychosocial Mediators of the Relationship between Religious Orientation and Eating Disorder Risk Factors in Young Jewish Women, Sarah L. Weinberger-Litman, Laura A. Rabin, Joshua Fogel, Janell L. Mensinger, and Leib Litman (Article)


Obesity is Associated with More Disability at Presentation and After Treatment in Low Back Pain but Not in Neck Pain: Findings from the OIOC Registry, Maria M. Wertli, Ulrike Held, Marco Campello, and Shira Schecter Weiner (Article)

Behavioral Assessment of Pain in Disorders of Consciousness, Nathan Zasler, Anne T. O'Brien, and Caroline Schnakers (Book Chapter)

Submissions from 2015

PTF para Disfonia por Tensão Muscular em Cantores [PTF for Muscle Tension Dysphonia in Singers], Mara Behlau, Karla Paoliello, and Gisele Oliveira (Book Chapter)


Made-to-Measure Palliative Care: An Ethical Imperative for Growing Cultural Plurality in the United States, Nathan A. Boucher (Article)


Agents for Change: Nonphysician Medical Providers and Health Care Quality, Nathan A. Boucher, Marvin A. McMillen, and James S. Gould (Article)


Multiple Sclerosis: Computerized Objective Gait Analysis of the Impact of a 6-Minute Timed Walk on Selected Gait Characteristics in People with Multiple Sclerosis - Putting Long Legs on the Walking Scale, Christina Burke, Mark Gudesblatt, Karl Wissemann, Myassar Zarif, Barbara Bumstead, Lori Fafard, and John R. Magel (Poster)


Assessment and Management of Pain in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness, Schnakers Caroline and Nathan Zasler (Article)


Effects of a Metronome on Gait Symmetry for Individuals with Lower-Limb Loss, Frances Corio, Robert Troiano, Deanna List, Colleen O'Connor, Torlanda Poindexter, Tara Salay, and Sara Wagoner (Poster)


The Short-Term Effect of High-Velocity, Low-Amplitude Thrust on Ankle Eversion Strength., Emil Euaparadorn, Ralph Garcia, Nija Patel, Ethan Burger, Elizabeth Manning, Rafi Edelman, and James D. Lee (Poster)


Cross-Cultural Adaptation, Validation, and Cutoff Point of the Italian Version of the Voice Activity and Participation Profile: Profilo di Attività e Partecipazione Vocale, Gaetano Fava, Mico Paolo Paolillo, Gisele Oliveira, and Mara Behlaw (Article)


Expanding Roles, Expanding Impact: Supporting Work Readiness in Middle School, Jan Hollenbeck, Meira Orentlicher, and Dottie Handley-More (Article)


Treating the Cognitive and Social Dysfunctions Related to Type 2 Diabetes, Joseph Indelicato (Abstract)