Submissions from 2015

Effects of Fluency Disorders Coursework on Students' Stuttering Attitudes in Two Countries, Lejla Junuzovic-Zunic, Mary E. Weidner, Isabella K. Reichel, Susanne Cook, Kenneth O. St. Louis, and Mercedes B. Ware (Book Chapter)


Integrating Anatomy Training into Radiation Oncology Residency: Considerations for Developing a Multidisciplinary, Interactive Learning Module for Adult Learners, Leah Labranche, Marjorie Johnson, David Palma, Leah D'Souza, and Jasbir Jaswal (Article)

The Survival Guide for Kids with Physical Disabilities & Challenges, Wendy L. Moss and Susan A. Taddonio (Book)


Pancreas: Do all Roads Lead to Mitochondria?, Amit Mukherji, Omobola Onikoyi, and Vasudeva G. Kamath (Article)


A Comparison of Vocal Parameters in Adult Bilingual Hebrew-English Speakers, Leah Nevo, Chaya Nevo, and Gisele Oliveira (Article)

PTF para Movimento Paradoxal de Pregas Vocais [Speech-Language PTF for Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion], Gisele Oliveira and Gaetano Fava (Book Chapter)

PTF para Tosse Crônica [PTF for Chronic Cough], Gisele Oliveira and Gaetano Fava (Book Chapter)

Transition in Prevention and Wellness, Linda Olson and Stephanie J. Wong (Book Chapter)

Transition from School to Adult Life, Meira L. Orentlicher (Book Chapter)

Foundations of Transition, Meira L. Orentlicher and Robert W. Gibson (Book Chapter)

Introduction, Meira L. Orentlicher, Robert W. Gibson, and Sandra Schefkind (Book Chapter)

Transitions Across the Lifespan: An Occupational Therapy Approach, Meira L. Orentlicher, Sandra Schefkind, and Robert W. Gibson (Book)

Client-Centered Reasoning: Narratives of People with Mental Illness, Pat J. Precin (Book)

Living Skills Recovery Workbook, Pat J. Precin (Book)

Taking Charge of Your Emotions: A Guide to Better Psychological Health and Well-Being, Louis H. Primavera and Rob Pascale (Book)


Reliability and Validity of Therapy Localization as Determined from Multiple Examiners and Instrumentation, Anthony L. Rosner, Gerry Leisman, James A. Gilchriest, Eugene Charles, Matthew G. Keschner, and Michael Minond (Article)

Supportive Environments for Transition, Judith W. Schoonover and Meira L. Orentlicher (Book Chapter)


Descriptive Study of Prescriptions for Opioids from a Suburban Academic Emergency Department before New York's I-STOP Act., Lyncean Ung, Ronald Dvorkin, Steven Sattler, and David P. Yens (Article)

Cluttering: Current Views on its Nature, Diagnosis, and Treatment, Yvonne Van Zaalen and Isabella K. Reichel (Book)


Nowoczesne Podejścia do Terapii Giełkotu [Innovative Approaches to the Treatment of Cluttering], Yvonne Van Zaalen and Isabella K. Reichel (Book Chapter)

Transition and Aging, Stephanie J. Wong (Book Chapter)


The Perceptual and Acoustic Characteristics of Korean Idiomatic and Literal Sentences, Seung-Yun Yang, Ji Sook Ahn, and DIana Van Lancker Sidtis (Article)


Cerebral Processing of Proper and Common Nouns: Perception and Production Following Left Hemisphere Damage, Seung-Yun Yang and Diana Van Lanker Sidtis (Article)


Validity Assessment and the Neurological Physical Examination, Nathan Zasler (Article)

Submissions from 2014


Cognitive Impairment in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Perspectives and Challenges, Okezie I. Aruoma, Darshini Narrain, Joseph Indelicato, Emmanuel Bourdon, Fatima Murad, and Theeshan Bahorun (Article)


Metabolic Factor: A New Clinical Tool in Obesity Diagnosis and Weight Management, Brandon Davis, Joseph Indelicato, and Nicholas Kuiper (Article)


The Interplay of Diabetes, and Health Self Efficacy, Cognition and Compliance, Joseph Indelicato and Vanessa Gilchriest (Article)


Efficacy of a Carbon Fiber Orthotic Toe-Off Brace in Adults with Cerebral Palsy, June Kume, John R. Magel, Erin DiCandia, Justine Hoffman, Robert Issing, Joshua Little, and Tyler Roden (Abstract)

Submissions from 2013


Development in Altered Gravity Influences Height in Dictyostelium, Morris A. Benjamin, James A. Gilchriest, and Stanley Lehrer (Article)