The Science Journal of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences

Since 2007, each spring and fall the Biology Department of the Lander College of Arts and Sciences publishes a science journal on student research. Each submission undergoes a peer review process, is reviewed by student editors and faculty, and is subjected to the same procedures and standards as any nationally published science journal.

For more information, please contact the Journal at tourosciencejournal@gmail.com.

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Current Issue: Volume 15, Number 2: Spring 2022

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Editors and Advisors

Executive Editors
Steven Eisenberger
Elana Eisenreich
Chana Weis
Associate Editors
Shulamis Cohen
Elisheva Dusowitz
Eliyahu Greenberg
Esther Karman
Nekhama Riznyk
Rena Shilian
Aliza Shor
Charter Executive Editors
Rivka Borger, P.A.
Michelle Gordon-Grunin, Ph.D.
Faculty Reviewers
Robert S. Bressler, Ph.D.
Alan B. Levine, D.C.
Evan A. Mintzer, Ph.D.
Layout Advisor and Editor
Antony O’Hara, MFA
Faculty Advisor
Robert S. Bressler, Ph.D., Chairman of Undergraduate Biology Programs