Submissions from 2021

Economics and Finance of Education, Osnat Zaken (Presentation)

Funding Education: The Case of NY State, Osnat Zaken (Presentation)

The State of the State: NYS, Osnat Zaken (Presentation)

Submissions from 2020

Reflections on Clinical Practice: University Supervisors' Resiliency Amidst School Closures During the 2020 Pandemic, Ruth Best, Inna Rabinovitch, Simon Quattlebaum, and Tameka Moore-Stuht (Presentation)


Leadership Development: One College’s Solution, Laurie Bobley and Alan Sebel (Article)


Vygotskian preschool education: Promoting the development of self-regulation and symbolic thought in pre-K children, Vera Brofman, Yuriy V. Karpov, and Inna Rabinovitch (Article)


Bridging the Ivory Tower: Culturally Responsive Education Connects Content to People, Velma Cobb (Book Chapter)


Building Resilience to Support Ourselves, Others, and Our Students. Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning, Velma Cobb (Presentation)

Readiness for Restorative Practices., Velma Cobb (Presentation)

Sheltered English Instruction (SEI) Training of Trainers, Velma Cobb (Presentation)

Helping to Explain Disabilities to Grandparents, Caregivers, and Siblings, Susan Courey and Roslyn Haber (Presentation)


Access and equity: Computers for schools Burundi, Jasmin B. Cowin (Article)

Augmented Reality: The Merge Cube and Google Expeditions, Jasmin B. Cowin (Presentation)

Computers for Schools Burundi: An International Collaboration, Jasmin B. Cowin (Poster)

Digital Worlds and Transformative Learning: Google Expeditions, Google Arts and Culture, and the Merge Cube, Jasmin B. Cowin (Article)

simSchool's Simulation-Based Learning Environment: A Training Tool for TESOL Teacher Candidates, Jasmin B. Cowin (Article)

Simulation-Based Learning Environments, Jasmin B. Cowin (Poster)

Covid Creations: The Art of Uncertainty, Shoshanah Findling (Article)


Waves, Jeffrey Fisher (Poem)


Waves, Jeffrey Fisher (Poem)


“If I spent five hours giving birth then I can do this final:” A qualitative investigation of college students with children, Emily Hotez, Helen Lin, Vicky Chan, Jalessa Felix, Aaishah Francis, Denise Giacinto, Gina Mitchell, and Farzanah Siddique (Article)


Vygotskian Theory of Development, Yuriy V. Karpov (Book Chapter)


Reimagining social justice-oriented teacher preparation in current sociopolitical contexts, Rachel Roegman, Emilie Mitescu Reagan, A. Lin Goodwin, Crystal Chen Lee, and Laura Vernikoff (Article)

Classroom Management in a Virtual World, Franklin Schindelheim (Presentation)

Case Study: We've Been Here 70 Years, We Aren't Going Anywhere; Change Vs. Stagnation, Susan H. Shapiro and S. J. Gross (Book Chapter)

Mathematical Learning Disabilities: Fact or Fiction, Brenda C. Strassfeld (Presentation)


Failure to Observe the Rules of Citation by University Students as a Problem of Academic Ethics: Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Approach, Anna Toom, Natalia Inshakova, and Bernard Montoneri (Book Chapter)

#sschatreads: Creating a Twitter Book Club for Social Studies Teachers, Dennis Urban, Isabel Morales, and Kathryn Kennedy (Article)


Teacher Perceptions and Education Practice for English Language Learners, Shu Worely (Chen-Worley) (Article)

State of the States: New York, Osnat Zaken (Presentation)

State of the States: New York State, Osnat Zaken (Article)

Submissions from 2019


'MusiMath' and 'Academic Music' - Two music-based intervention programs for fractions learning in fourth grade students, Libby Azaryahu, Susan Joan Courey, Rivka Elkoshi, and Esther Adi-Japha (Article)

Panel on the EDTPA, Timothy Bellavia (Presentation)

Academic Musicians, a Program Teaching Math Through Music/Coding to Autistic Children, Timothy Bellavia, Roslyn Haber, and Susan Courey (Presentation)

Academic Musicians: A Program Teaching Math Through Music/Coding to Autistic Children, Timothy Bellavia, Roslyn Haber, and Susan Courey (Presentation)

Applying Universal Instructional Design (UID) Principles to Address Quality Matters Standard 8 and the Higher Education Opportunity Act 2008, Ruth Best (Presentation)

Training the Next Generation of Geriatric Social Workers: Two Graduate Program Models, Susan Brot (Presentation)

Challenges in Dual Language Programs, Lucia Buttaro (Presentation)

Teacher Perceptions and Education Practice for English Language Learners., Shu Jen Chen-Worley (Presentation)

Using Music to Promote Inclusion, Creativity, and Literacy Learning, Shu Jen Chen-Worley (Presentation)


Being in School Transformation: Toward Equity and Social Justice, Velma Cobb (Book Chapter)


Social Justice Applications and the African American Liberation Tradition, William S. Cook (Article)

Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability and Reform) Comes to New York, Susan Courey (Presentation)

Parent Advocacy, Susan Courey (Presentation)

Teaching Children with Autism: Evidence from Families and Research, Susan Courey (Presentation)

Tourette’s, Susan Courey (Presentation)

How to Advocate for Your Child, Susan Courey and Roslyn Haber (Presentation)


View of A Way Forward Toward Professionalizing Teacher Education: A response to the AASCU Teacher Education Task Force Survey, Jacob Easley II (Article)

Building Resilience in our Schools for Educators and Families, Shoshanah Findling (Presentation)

Code 10:13 Who Helps the Helpers: Preventing and Treating Compassion Fatigue for First responders, Shoshanah Findling (Presentation)

Resilience Film Screening and Workshop Trauma Informed Responsive Education for Educators and Families, Shoshanah Findling (Presentation)

Resilience: Raising Teacher Awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Its Impact on Learning, Shoshanah Findling (Presentation)

The Art of Uncertainty, Shoshanah Findling (Presentation)

Who Helps the Helpers: A Guide for Educators to Prevent Compassion Fatigue, Shoshanah Findling (Presentation)

Who Helps the Helpers: A Guide for Educators to Prevent Compassion Fatigue, Shoshanah Findling (Presentation)


Hope, Jeffrey Fisher (Poem)

MLB, Jeffrey Fisher (Poem)

Mountains, Jeffrey Fisher (Poem)


Stalling for Life, Jeffrey Fisher (Poem)


Urbana, Jeffrey Fisher (Poem)

Self-efficacy beliefs and academic procrastination, Meir Graff (Article)

Academic Musician Project, Roslyn Haber (Presentation)

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Supporting Children and Families, Jennifer Johnson (Presentation)


Vygotskian Approach to Instruction: Practical Applications Around the Globe, Yuriy V. Karpov and Alex Kozulin (Article)


“It's All Possible”: Urban Educators' Perspectives on Creating a Culturally Relevant, Schoolwide, College-Going Culture for Black and Latino Male Students:, Michelle G. Knight-Manuel, Joanne E. Marciano, Michael Wilson, Iesha Jackson, Laura Vernikoff, Kelly Gavin Zuckerman, and Vaughn W. M. Watson (Article)


Learning to Reflect: Teachers' Mastery and Development of Mediational Means and Psychological Tools of Reflective Practice, Elina Lampert-Shepel and Colette Murphy (Article)

Making a Collaborative Poster as a Scaffolding Process for Professional Learning and Performance Improvement, Vera Leykina (Presentation)

Social and Philosophical Dimensions in Counselor Training for Perspective Taking and Empathic Understanding, Yair Maman (Presentation)

Embracing Tolerance Through Literature, Film and Documentary: Holocaust, Slavery, Civil Rights and the Irish Potato Famine, Marlyn Press (Presentation)

Focus on Contemporary Tools and Resources for Speech-Language Pathologists, Isabella K. Reichel, Steven Blaustein, Rosalie Unterman, and France Weill (Presentation)


The Role of Academic Leaders as Instructional Supervisors, Alan Sebel (Article)

Students with Mathematics Learning Disabilities should have Access to Quality Mathematics Instruction, Brenda C. Strassfeld and Sridhar Nagubandi (Presentation)

A Method to Predict Students' Success in Distance Online Courses, Anna Toom (Presentation)


A Method to Predict Students’ Success in Distance Online Courses, Anna Toom (Presentation)


A Study of University Students' Cognitive Competence in Performing the Learning Assignments: Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Approach, Anna Toom and Natalia Inshakova (Article)

Building Social Capital for Parents and Families Through School Leadership, Roberto Trigosso, Phyllis F. Reggio, Carlos R. McCray, R. D. Bartee, and P. L. George (Book Chapter)


State of the State 2018 finances: New York, Osnat Zaken (Article)

State of the States, Osnat Zaken (Presentation)

Submissions from 2018

Influencing Policy and Practice with the Professional Standards & Practices Board (PSPB) for Teaching with Washington Week/Day on the Hill Updates, April Bedford, Kate DaBoll-Lavoie, Joanna Masingila, and Jacob Easley II (Presentation)

Safe Spaces and Education Policies, Timothy Bellavia (Presentation)


We Are All The Same Inside Curriculum: Activities, Stories, Doll Patterns and More!, Timothy Bellavia (Book)

Young Academic Music: Using Music (and Dolls) to Teach Math, Timothy Bellavia, Roslyn Haber, and Susan Courey (Presentation)

Grit and Mindset: 7 Ways to Engage your Teaching Candidates on Their edTPA, Timothy Bellavia and Brenda C. Strassfeld (Presentation)

Vygotsky in Harlem: Amplification of Preschoolers' Development in Vygotskian Early Childhood Education Program (VECEP), Vera Brofman, Inna Rabinovitch, and Yuriy Karpov (Book Chapter)

English/Spanish Translation and Interpretation Challenges, Lucia Buttaro (Presentation)

ENL Strategies for the Mainstream Classroom Teacher, Lucia Buttaro (Presentation)

Spanish Literacy Instruction: Dual Language Programs and Developing Word Knowledge and Vocabulary, Lucia Buttaro (Presentation)

Strengthening Candidate Comprehension and Creation of Artifacts and Commentary Responses: Special Education and Mathematics Handbook, Yvette Colon and Brenda C. Strassfeld (Presentation)

Explaining Special Needs to Others (Grandparents and Caregivers), Susan Courey and Roslyn Haber (Presentation)

Key-note Presentation for the International Academic Association in Humanities, IT, Engineering, and Science, Jasmin B. Cowin (Presentation)


Plekhanov Russian University of Economics Winter University 2018 University of Tomorrow: Innovative Pedagogy and Methodology, Jasmin B. Cowin (Article)

District-University Partnerships to Improve Clinical Practice for Teacher Candidates, Nancy Dubetz, Marcella Bullmaster-Day, and Susan Courey (Presentation)


A Way Forward Toward Professionalizing Teacher Education: A Response to the AASCU Teacher Education Task Force Survey, Jacob Easley II (Article)

The Fiduciaries, Jeffrey Fisher (Book)

Math Using Music for Challenged Students, Roslyn Haber (Presentation)

Acquisition of Scientific Concepts as the Content of School Instruction, Yuriy Karpov (Book Chapter)

The Use of Systematic Formation of Mental Actions to Educate American Students, Yuriy Karpov (Presentation)

Vygotsky’s Education for Teachers and Parents: Neo-Vygotskian Child Development Theory, Yuriy Karpov (Book)

New DEEL (Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership) Mentorship, Susan Shapiro (Presentation)

Leveling the Playing Field: Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and the edTPA, Susan Shapiro and Timothy Bellavia (Presentation)